We have a variety of teams that you can join to help serve others at The Connection.  Our volunteers are AMAZING!  Everything that goes on at The Connection is only possible because there are people willing to put time and energy into making it work.  We currently have four teams: Logistics, Music, Hospitality, and KidConnect.  Below is a description of each.

Team Leader - Lori Skupa

Team Leader - Jaci Tackett

Health connect

The Health Connect Team was created to nurture the human spirit through health education, spiritual support, and linking needs of the whole person.

Team Leader - Sandy Davis


The KicConnect Team runs our programing for birth-5th graders.  On Sunday mornings they have 3 classes - Nursery, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary.  They are dedicated to teaching your children about the Bible and Jesus in a way that is relevant to them!  Here is their Facebook page that they post announcements on.  Tonya Billingsley is the team leader.


The Hospitality Team welcomes people at The Connection.  They run the coffee bar, give out gifts to guests, and set up events to help us build a sense of community.  

The Connection

a christian community


The Logistics Team takes care of a lot of the behind-the-scenes tasks.  This includes building maintenance, cleaning, setting up communion, construction, and security.  The team leader is Justin Christian.


The Music Team leads the singing on Sunday mornings.  They are always looking for more singers and musicians.  They also take care of running the sound board and video system during church. 

Team Leader - Justin Christian

Team Leader - Tonya Billingsley